Netgear DST6501 Setup and Management: All You Should Know

Netgear DST6501 Setup and Management: All You Should Know

You can add a Netgear DST6501 adapter to your DST network to improve the wireless coverage. This is to inform you that DST is nothing but a routing protocol for ad-hoc networks. If such kind of network is set permanently, too many devices can use the network at the same time. Apart from this, you can also enhance the wired connectivity throughout the house with the help of electrical wirings. This blog will particularly reveal instructions to complete Netgear DST6501 setup.

How to Set Up or Add Netgear DST6501 Adapter to Network?

Given below are the instructions that will help you install or add the DST adapter to your DST network. Before that, we want you to make sure that you have received the package undamaged and all the accessories related to your DST adapter are in working state. Here’s how to set up the Netgear DST adapter:

  • Get into the room where you wish to enhance the wireless coverage or add an Ethernet connection.
  • After that, plug your DST6501 into an electrical outlet.
  • Let the Power light on the adapter turn on. If that does not happen automatically, you are required to toggle the Power On/Off button to the On position.
  • Locate the WPS and DST Router Sync button on the Netgear DST6501 adapter.
  • Press the button for 2 seconds.
  • Now, within 2 minutes, press the WPS and DST Adapter Sync button on the DST router.
  • Wait for the Power and DST LEDs on your devices to stop blinking.

Now, observe the color that shows up on the DST LEDs of your router and the Netgear DST6501 adapter. If the LED on the router becomes solid blue and that on the adapter goes green, you can conclude that the Netgear DST6501 setup is completed successfully. Now, you can easily change its settings by connecting to the Netgear extender login address on a computer present on the adapter’s network.

Netgear DST6501 Lights: Meaning and Troubleshooting

The lights present on the DST adapter helps a lot during and after the setup process. Refer to the table provided below to have a deeper understanding of what the lights on your Netgear DST6501 adapter have to say:

LED Status Description Troubleshooting
WiFi LED Solid blue

Blinking blue


It represents the adapter’s successful pairing with a WiFi device.

It means that the pairing process is in progress.

WiFi is disabled.

Nothing required.


Turn on WiFi.





Link rate is less than 50 Mbps.

Link rate lies between 50-80 Mbps.

Link rate is more than 80 Mbps.

No compatible DST routers found.

Bring the adapter a little closer to the DST router.

You can try reducing the gap between DST router and adapter.

Not needed.

Ensure that the router is not far from the adapter.

Power LED Solid green

Blinking green


The Netgear DST6501 adapter is powered on.

The adapter is pairing with another DST device.

The adapter is turned off.

Not needed.


Switch on the adapter.

Ethernet LED Solid green


You have connected a powered on device to the Ethernet port.

No device connected to the LAN/Ethernet port.

Not required.

Connect an Ethernet enabled device to the adapter.

How to Change the Netgear DST6501 Encryption Key?

If your DST network’s key type is set to public, then any DST device will be able to connect to your DST network with the help of the default key. Thus, you need to change it to private. Although it can be successfully done by pressing the DST button on the router and adapter, we will provide you with the steps to do that via the web GUI:


  • Switch on a computer and connect it to your DST router’s network.
  • Open an internet browser and access the Nighthawk router login URL.
  • Enter the default admin values.Go to Advanced > Advanced Setup > DST Settings.
  • Now, select Create New Encryption and input the desired value.
  • Be very sure that the Apply Same Key checkbox is ticked.
  • Click Apply.
  • The Key Type is now Private.

The Final Words

That is all about Netgear DST6501 setup and management. It is expected that after taking the help of the information provided here, you will be able to add the DST adapter to the DST network. However, you must know that currently only Netgear R7300 supports the addition of DST adapters.

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