– Netgear Router Login IP is an IP address that is used by Netgear Routers as a gateway or access point. IP addresses provide a continuous channel for the router to access the internet for hours. There are various routers that own a shared IP address while some IP addresses are specific and unique. is also known as the host address.

Netgear Router Login –

This Netgear router login IP works effectively. You can follow these steps to easily access the login page:

  1. Carefully create a strong connection between your router and modem.
  2. Use an updated web browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari.
  3. Enter in the URL bar to access your router page.
  4. You should be able to see the page of the Netgear router login. Write your username as well as the password.
  5. This should take you to the setup page, where you can modify the settings as per your needs.

If any of the mentioned steps don’t go as it supposed to, feel free to contact us for immediate assistance. We have a team of professionals ready to resolve your Netgear router login IP-related problems in no time.

netgear router login Login 

Once you access the Netgear router login IP address, it will ask for username and password. Use the default login details for setting up WiFi router for the first time. But for second-time setup, use the default user ID and password only if you never changed these details. In case the default credentials have been lost, reset router once and try accessing the default Netgear router login IP page once again.


How to Change Router Login Password

Some users want to have their own password for logging in to their router. So they need to change the router password through Simply launch an internet browser and navigate to the Netgear router default IP page. The admin panel will open. Click on the set password option. Enter the new password as per choice. It is suggested to note down the Netgear router login IP password for future reference.

Can’t Access Netgear Router Login IP

1. Power Cycle RouterTurn off Netgear Router. After a couple of minutes, turn it on again. This process is known as the power cycling for the router.

2. Reset RouterResetting router to the default factory values can also resolve the login issue with the default router IP.

3. Check IP AddressEnsure you entered the correct IP address in a browser. It may happen that the Netgear router login IP address has wrongly typed.

4. Verify Router ConnectionsMake sure Netgear Router is receiving proper power supply. The wall plug should free from any type of damage.

5. Connect to Router NetworkMake a reliable connection with the router network. You can do so either wirelessly or using a wire or cable.

How to Find Netgear Router Login Default IP Address is known as the Netgear router default IP address. But if it is not working for you, chances are that it is not your router’s default IP. Therefore, you need to find the one for your device so that you face no login issues.

If your computer or mobile device is using a static IP address, you need to configure your device to retrieve the IP address.

Netgear genie setup

To view your Netgear router login IP address:

  • Launch a web browser from a computer or wireless device.
  • Type http://routerlogin.net into your web browser’s address bar.
  • The login window displays.
  • Enter the router username and password.
  • The Basic Home page displays.
  • Your router’s IP address displays under Router Information.

If you still can’t access your router’s interface after typing the correct Netgear router login IP address into your web browser’s address bar, get in touch with our experienced technicians.

The default IP address of most wireless routers is It is also called the host address. To access the router, open a browser and type in the address bar. A login page will appear which asks for username and password. After that, the router admin panel will appear to customize settings such as DSL, Proxy, LAN, IP Qos, MAC, WPS, and so on. works as a login IP address for multiple modems and routers including Netgear routers. Using this web address, you can access major settings and customize them as per your needs. This IP address allows you to change settings, customize password, upgrade firmware, change the username, and do many other things.

Follow these simple steps for Login through the Gateway which gives access to configure and change settings of your WiFi router.
  1. Enter in any of your browsers (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari).
  2. If the login page is not opening, then is not your router’s default IP address.
  3. Once you found the correct IP address, insert the same into your web browser address bar.
  4. You’ll be forwarded to the login panel which asks for username and password to sign in. Check out the default username and password.
  5. Put down the credentials and you’re in.

If you forget username and password for login page, reset the router to the default factory settings. But the main issue while accessing page is that it displays an error message saying ‘This site can’t be reached’. So it’s recommended to check the connection once and try again to log in to

Netgear Wireless Router Password Reset

Many times, the user forgets the router’s login password and this is the most commonly occurring issue with the Netgear. The users worldwide have the tendency of forgetting several things and the most common thing that people forget is their passwords. Now in the context of the wireless routers, the users forget their router’s login password. But no need to worry as you can easily recover your router login password through the password recovery option.

Reset password” page access

  • The user will definitely need to access the password page if they want to reset their router’s login password.
  • Enter the default IP address in the URL bar of the browser and hit enter.
  • The user is required to provide the login credentials for accessing the admin page of the router.
  • Now, select the Factory reset tab from the left menu panel of the router admin window.
  • Once you have clicked the factory reset tab on the main admin page, the router will go off and on again. This is a reboot that will be taking place erasing all of your personal as well as configuration information from the router memory.
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