How to Extend WiFi to a Distant Garage: An Informative Guide

How to Extend WiFi to a Distant Garage: An Informative Guide

Investing in a range extender is highly recommended if you want to extend WiFi to a distant garage. But, that is also not easy either. You should pick the right WiFi extender for that. After reading this blog, you will be able to understand how a WiFi extender can be deployed in your house to extend the wireless internet range to a distant garage.

Pick Up WiFi Extender for Extending WiFi to Distant Garage

A few parameters are to be considered before you add a WiFi range extender to your establishment to access WiFi at the distant garage. Refer to the following table to learn about them:

Evaluate Your Needs Compatibility with Router Efficiency
AThe very first thing that you need to consider while picking up the extender to access the internet is the size and shape of the distant garage. You must also take care of the distance of the garage from the router. You cannot pick any random WiFi extender to accomplish the task. The one you choose must be compatible with router. Since Netgear manufactures universal extenders, you can pick one. The extender you are going to use for accessing the internet in your distant garage must be efficient enough. Its performance should be good and it must be able to spread signals at larger distances.

If you closely examine every factor, then it can be concluded that a Netgear WiFi range extender will be the perfect choice for you. Some range extenders brought in by Netgear are capable of extending WiFi even up to 3000 sq. ft. So, don’t wait and get the extender installed with the help of the default Netgear extender login details [Username is admin and Password is password].

Things to Consider While Extending WiFi to Distant Garage

Although you are now aware that a Netgear extender will do the signal expansion job and it can be easily installed too, you should know that a few things need to be taken care of while doing that. Amongst all those criteria, the placement of the extender is the primary factor.

Where to Place Netgear Extender to Access Internet in Distant Garage?

The extender must be placed very wisely. You need to keep it in the middle of the router and your garage. It means the distance between the router and your Netgear extender and that between your extender and garage must be equal.

In this way, your extender will be able to communicate proportionately with the router as well as with the devices present inside the garage. You can check the connection status by running a speed test on any of the connected devices.

Avoid Interference

The location at which you’ve placed your WiFi extender must be far from devices emitting electromagnetic waves and objects containing a large amount of water. If possible, keep it away from reflexive surfaces.

How Does a Firmware Upgrade Affect WiFi in Distant Locations?

You should always keep the extender’s firmware updated. Making it run on an outdated firmware can cause performance lags which can affect the home network efficiency a lot and the resultant WiFi signals on the devices present in the garage will be poor. You can easily update the Netgear firmware by visiting

The Conclusion

It is very exciting to be able to access WiFi in the farthest garage from your root router. Thankfully, you can do it with the help of a Netgear range extender. Now, we are hopeful that with the help of the information provided above, you will not only be able to extend WiFi to a distant garage, but will also make the most of your WiFi.

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