5 useful Tips to Fix your existing Internet Connection

5 useful Tips to Fix your existing Internet Connection

Here, we will help our valuable users to fix issues related to your existing Internet connection. Some of the networks can be addressed quickly due to signal breakage or droppings. No one can judge the exact reason behind such issues. In that case, ask help for NETGEAR Troubleshooting. You simply need to write an email to our experts and you will get all your issues sorted in one go.

1. Restart your Computer

Do not this that this is a useless suggestion. Rebooting or restarting your computer system may be the easiest way to fix an enormous and immense issue you are facing in your daily life. A simple process of restart will clear out all the bad settings from your computer that result in the poor connectivity issue. First of all, what you have to do, clear all the browsing history, cache, cookies, malware, and malicious files from your PC before restarting it.

2. Be certain that Wireless Adaptor of your Device is Enable

Almost in every laptop today has a button that disables the wireless adaptor. In case, you or someone in your family, relative, or friend accidentally pushed the button, it will physically disconnect your device from the Internet. So, don’t panic and push the switch of your wireless adaptor again. If your device is overheated, avoid working on it.

Note: You are supposed to skip is step on your wired computer.

3. Consider Restarting your Modem and the Router

This process is just similar to restarting your computer. Consider unplugging your devices from their respective sources and take it away from the obstruction creating disasters like metal appliances and electronic gadgets. Also, avoid placing them nearby mirrors. Keep your devices away from dust, heat, and a load of malicious files. Consider using the latest firmware of device technology.

4. Place your smart Device Closer to the Router

Consider moving your smart device (computer, laptop, tablet, or any) closer to the router. Sometimes the distance between your smart device and router also results in poor connectivity or signal breakage. If you can’t stick to the router all the time, then switch to a range extender or a wireless repeater for a high-speed of the Internet everywhere in the house.

5. Extender Setup

Switching to a range extender is the finest decision ever taken by the user. It helps in spreading the range of Internet connectivity all over the house and even to those areas mentioned as dead zones. Now, you don’t have to stick to the router all the time. Just apply some of the valuable points and roam around freely everywhere from the door front to the backyard of your house.

  • Unbox the range extender and plug it to the power socket nearby router.
  • After the LED lights on the range extender start blinking, grab your wired device and launch a web browser onto it.
  • As soon as the web browser appears successfully, type mywifiext into the field of the address bar. Make sure that you have the correct NETGEAR Router Password for a successful NETGEAR Router Login. These details are set as default by the device manufacturer itself. After the process of configuration, you are free to change the default settings. But do not change them before the process of device installation.
  • The password supposed to be about 13-16 characters. You can use alphabets, numbers, and digits but you can’t make use of dictionary words.
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