Alloy Smart Home Not Connecting to WiFi of Netgear Extender?

Alloy Smart Home Not Connecting to WiFi of Netgear Extender?

Having an Alloy Smart Home hub installed in the house is all about controlling all smart gadgets remotely. We cannot deny the fact that we are advancing technically and in the effect of the same, we have incorporated various smart gadgets to make our lifestyle easy. One can pair locks, plus, switches, sensors, lights, etc. to hub and control it via a mobile application. But, will it be possible without an internet connection on the hub? Of course not! In this post, we will try to address the case when the Smart Home hub fails to connect to the WiFi of a Netgear range extender. Stick to the reading.

The techniques that we are going to jot down now will apply to all WiFi gateways (router, modem, or extender). We’ve used a Netgear WiFi range extender for the referential purposes only.

Alloy Smart Home Not Connecting to WiFi Netgear [Fixed]

Restart the Extender

Due to a technical glitch a Netgear WiFi range extender even fails to broadcast its network name i.e. Netgear_ext. You should have a sigh of relief that you are just experiencing a connectivity issue between your range extender and Alloy Smart Hub.

To address technical glitches, we recommend you restart your range extender. It will not only kick off technical bugs but will also uplift your home network’s performance. So, isn’t rebooting worth trying? For your ease, we have penned down the instructions to reboot the extender below:

  • Unplug your range extender from its respective electrical socket.
  • Wait for fifteen minutes and let your extender cool down.
  • Finally, you can reconnect your range extender to the power outlet and switch it on.

Note: You should also try restarting you Alloy Smart Hub to fix the problem if your Alloy Smart Home is not connecting to the WiFi of Netgear extender.

Update the Alloy Smart Hub Firmware

Are you a regular user of networking gadgets? If yes, then how can you overlook the importance of upgrading the firmware of your Alloy Smart Hub? Don’t you know that running a networking gadget on an outdated firmware is one of the most responsible factors behind the Alloy Smart Home not connecting to WiFi issue? Well, what’s done cannot be undone. Let us focus on what can be done. Simply update the firmware of your Smart Hub by connecting it to a different internet source first.

Alloy Smart Hub Firmware

You will be able to find the firmware file upload form in the Device’s Firmware Update section. In case you have access to firmware image files of the hub, you need to upload one file at a time. You also have to select the intended target for the file. Wondering what the extension of such files is and how to upload them? The file is saved with the “.gbl” extension and you should select the Browse button to upload it. The firmware of the hub will start updating. Be very sure that the Smart Hub’s firmware update won’t fail. It is most likely to happen if the firmware image file is invalid for the target or the target is already flaunting a higher firmware version. Know that your Alloy Smart Home hub will reboot after the process gets completed.

Still Alloy Smart Home Not Connecting to WiFi?

Although after taking into account the techniques we’ve given above, you will no longer face connectivity issues between your devices, if you do, then there is a chance that you have placed them too far. Remember that the communication between two networking devices (here Alloy Smart hub and Netgear extender) is most likely to suffer because of an improper distance between them.

The distance between your Smart Home hub and the Netgear range extender should be so optimal that their signals neither clash nor fail to communicate. Maintaining an 8-10 ft distance will help you get the job done effectively. And we’ve something more to say about the location of your networking devices. In easy words, the location of your extender and Alloy Smart Hub should be WiFi interference free.

Summing Up

The Alloy Smart Home not connecting to WiFi of Netgear extender can be a real pain. The reason being, it stops you from accessing your WiFi-enabled gadgets through the dedicated app for Alloy Smart devices. The tips given here will surely help you get out of this connectivity mess. We hope that you are now having a smoother networking experience with your gadgets. However, you can take a crucial step of performing a factory default reset of your Alloy Smart hub if nothing is working out. It is because it will allow you to carry out the configuration process once again. It will work as your second chance to start things from scratch.

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