How to Connect Garage Door Opener to Netgear Extender WiFi?

How to Connect Garage Door Opener to Netgear Extender WiFi?

Times are gone when the person needs to open the garage door manually. It was very exhausting; by the way! But, today is an era of smart garage door openers that can be operated with the help of switches mounted on the wall. No manual work needed! A working internet connection is must for the connection process. And, let’s not forget the smartphone that will serve as a platform for connecting your devices. Through this blog, we will try to make you aware of the steps that you should follow to connect garage door to the WiFi network of a Netgear extender.

The information provided in the blog will correspond to the myQ garage door opener and the Netgear extender. You can use this information to create a link between your door opener and the WiFi access point.

Before Connecting Garage Door Opener to WiFi

Here are a few things to take care of before you learn about the process of connecting the door opener to the WiFi network of a Netgear extender.

  • Very initially, take notes of the WiFi network name and the network key of the Netgear extender. By default, the network name is Netgear_ext and the password is mentioned on the extender’s label. You should know that the customized network name and password must be used in case your Netgear extender’s details were ever changed.
  • Apart from writing down the SSID and password, it is recommended that you verify that the garage door opener’s WiFi controller is falling under the range of the WiFi signals emitted by the range extender. Otherwise, you will have to move your extender close to the door opener.
  • Keep in mind that the door opener works with the 2.4GHz frequency only. Therefore, do not make the mistake of noting down the WiFi details that belong to the 5GHz band.

Benefit of Connecting Garage Door to WiFi

Amongst the numerous benefits, two major advantages of connecting the door opener to WiFi will improve the safety of the garage. With a single tap, you will be sure that the doors to your house remain closed in case you are busy. The provision of setting up alarms is also there. And yes, let us not forget that the door opener is also capable to detecting harmful chemicals like CO and notify you about the same.

How to Connect Garage Door Opener to WiFi [myQ Door Opener]

You will need the myQ app to install the door opener from the same company. However, we suggest you use the app developed for your own product. The apps are available on the Google Play Store and the App store. Read below to know how to connect a garage door opener to WiFi using an iOS and an Android device.

Connecting Door Opener Using iOS Device

Create our myQ account if you do not have one. You will need your email address and password to do that. In case you already have an account, complete the login using valid details and follow these instructions:

Connecting Door Opener

  • Tap + in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Select Garage Door Opener.
  • You will be asked to pick up the type of door opener (Ceiling or wall installed).
  • Tap I’m Ready after tapping every checkbox on the What You Need screen.
  • Observe the wall control of your door opener and activate the WiFi learn mode as per the image and instructions appearing on the screen.
  • Tap Next and select Yes once a beep sound is heard.
  • Select the device beginning with myQ-XXX and tap pair.
  • In case no Bluetooth pairing request is received, open WiFi settings and connect to the network myQ-XXX.
  • Tap the Next button on the app.
  • Choose the Netgear extender network from the list.
  • Input the WiFi password of the extender and select Next.
  • Name the door opener and tap Finish to see if the device is listed.
  • Tap the Garage door and activate the opener.

This is how you can connect Garage door opener to WiFi of Netgear extender using an iOS device. You need to make sure that your iOS device is connected to the Netgear extender WiFi. For your information, if you want to use an Android device, you can use the above-given instructions exactly. It will be very similar to using the IP address in the place of the web address for the Netgear extender login process.

The Bottom Line

It is not very difficult to connect garage door opener to the WiFi network. We are hopeful that the instructions we have provided you will help you with the connection process. On the off-chance, you are getting problems, we want you to check whether you have entered the correct WiFi password or not. Know that you won’t be able to connect to WiFi if the door opener is operating on battery power. At last, the door opener is supposed to run a complete cycle before WiFi is activated.

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