How to Connect LG Washer to Netgear Extender WiFi [2023]

How to Connect LG Washer to Netgear Extender WiFi [2023]

LG is known for introducing myriad appliances that tend to make an individual’s life better. This also includes devices that are operated through WiFi and hence are called smart WiFi devices. One such appliance from the LG library is a WiFi-enabled washer. You may know it by the name washing machine. Its purpose is to take the laundry loads off your shoulders. You can find it in different sizes, features, and even colors. Whatever suits your requirements? It can be connected to the internet and operated via app. But, do you know how to connect LG waster to WiFi?

No? Well, this blog is intended to reveal the same. In this post, we will share the steps that will help you connect the LG washing machine to the WiFi of a Netgear range extender. But, before all that, you need to make sure that you have completed Netgear extender setup properly and it is broadcasting its SSID.

Prerequisites: Connecting LG Washer to WiFi

There are a few things that you need to know before starting the process of connecting a Netgear extender and a WiFi-enabled washer brought in by LG.


This is to inform you that not all LG washers are operated via WiFi. Therefore, this is the first thing you need to ensure before getting started. LG washing machine models that can be operated via WiFi are WT1901, LUWM101, WM5000, etc. However, we would like you to check the user manual of your LG product before deriving any conclusion.

LG ThinkQ App

You should also install the LG ThinkQ app on your mobile phone. This is because the mobile app will be the platform that will help you connect your washing machine to the WiFi of the Netgear range extender. It will serve as a remote control for your LG washer. FYI, the app tends to recognize voice and is AI-based. It is the app that facilitates the person to give instructions and control the settings when he/she is not present near the machine.

Note: To ensure a successful connection with the Netgear extender, you have to place your LG washing machine within the range of the signals emitted by the extender. Otherwise, the connection will keep failing.

How to Connect LG Washer to WiFi Netgear?

We are now assuming that you’re well aware of the prerequisites of connecting your LG washer to the Netgear extender WiFi. Given that, let’s straightforwardly hop up to the steps that can help you complete the process without any hassle. Here’s what you are supposed to do:

  • First of all, you need to turn on your LG appliance by pressing and holding the Start or Power button.
  • This will turn on the washing machine’s WiFi utility.
  • The next step is to unlock your mobile phone and connect it to the Netgear_ext network.
  • Download the LG ThinkQ app by navigating to the respective app store of your mobile phone.
  • Register yourself by providing your details and wait for the confirmation email.
  • Got the mail? Now, re-open the app and find the product that you want to connect to the Netgear extender WiFi i.e. LG washing machine.
  • Match the model number and attributes along with the available image.
  • You can now activate the app and enjoy the benefits.

Quick Info: Some significant performance improvements are always made to the app. You can operate the app through the Google Assistant voice recognition feature too. So, sending instructions will be fun more than being easy. Also, you should keep the app version updated. This will help you make the most of the LG appliance.

How LG ThinkQ App Will Allow Access to WiFi-Enabled Washer?

There are some features housed by the app that help you control the washing machine. Below, we have listed some of them.

Advanced Controls

Right from the comfort of your sofa, you can manage the settings, movements, and other functions of the LG WiFi-enabled washer. You can pick the time when the cycle ends along with the number of cycles. The Advanced Controls of the app also helps you set the cycle speed and timings.

Washing Options

The app has various ways that can help you wash different types of clothes. It completely depends on the user’s requirements. You have the liberty to select the steam wash option. Since the app is AI-based, it helps you get an instant solution to the trouble that might emerge while washing clothes.

Automatic Feature: The LG ThinkQ app also helps you automate the washing process. All thanks to its AI-based feature.

The Final Thoughts

Our guide on how to connect LG washing machine to WiFi of Netgear extender ends here. We are hopeful that after following the instructions we’ve highlighted here, you will be able to connect your WiFi-enabled washer brought in by LG to the internet.

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