How to Connect Netgear Extender to Netcomm Modem [Steps]

How to Connect Netgear Extender to Netcomm Modem [Steps]

Installing a Netgear extender in the house is all about connecting it to a WiFi router offering a reliable connection and then connecting your client devices to Netgear_ext to enjoy the enhanced internet coverage. But, what if the user does not own a router and have a modem installed as the main access point? In that scenario, he/she is left with an alternative of installing the modem to work as a router and then go for Netgear extender connection with it. This blog will take an example of the Netcomm NF20mesh and will reveal how to connect Netgear extender to Netcomm modem in a few simple steps.

Initializing the Netcomm Modem and Netgear Extender Connection

You cannot set up your Netgear extender to work with a modem or another gateway until you make it run on the default factory settings. The point is exception when the extender is brand new. However, go for a factory default reset when the extender was previously configured to work with another router.

The factory reset of a Netgear range extender is not a rocket science. It just requires you to hold a paper clip or a pin and use it to press the extender’s Reset button. Once you release the button after pressing it for 7 seconds, you will notice that the Power LED of the extender has become stable. It is a sign that the reset process is successful and you are free to connect Netgear extender to the Netcomm modem. Move to the upcoming section of the blog to learn necessary steps.

How to Connect Netgear Extender to Netcomm Modem?

The steps to create a connection between a WiFi range extender and Netcomm NF20mesh are mentioned below. But, before you start the process, get your hands on a LAN cable that is free of damages. If possible, arrange 2. The second cable will be utilized for connecting the Netgear range extender and the computer. The setup process is likely to get successful if you use the wired connection between PC and extender instead of a wireless one. For now, let us focus on the steps that you are suggested to follow to connect Netgear extender to Netcomm modem:

  • Join Your Devices via a LAN Cable: The foremost step involved in the setup process is the creation of cable connection between a Netgear range extender and the modem. Use the Ethernet port of the modem and the Internet port of your range extender for that. The connection must be finger-tight. You also have to create an Ethernet connection between your Netgear range extender and the computer.
  • Visit After connecting your devices, switch them on following a particular sequence. The host device must be powered up first and then your client device. For the Netcomm NF20mesh, your Netgear extender is client and for the Netgear extender, your computer is client. Once your devices are properly powered up, you should launch an internet browser and visit

Note: The address is supposed to be replaced with the mywifiext.local address if the PC you are using is running on the Mac OS. Or simply, opt for the IP address of your range extender.

  • Choose the Operating Mode: With the successful assessment of the web URL, you will see the New Extender Setup page. Click the button with same label and choose whether you are setting up the extender in the Extender or AP mode. With that specific selection, you will be asked to assign an admin password to the extender. The next window will ask you to pick the network to be extended. You have to select one that belongs to your Netcomm NF20mesh. Input the WiFi password and hit Connect. The connection is successful.

Once you select the Connect button, a few on-screen prompts will appear on the computer screen. You are supposed to follow them. One of them will be about Netgear firmware update. Do not skip that.

The Epilog

Our guide discussing the instructions to connect Netgear extender to Netcomm modem (Netcomm NF20mesh) ends here. After you are done following them, you can relocate your range extender and place it at a location where you are getting low-quality signals. This will help you access internet in dead zones too. But, make sure that your extender is placed in the Netcomm NF20mesh modem’s range. Also, it must be away from interference-creating factors.

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