How to Connect Netgear Extender to Securifi Almond [2024]

How to Connect Netgear Extender to Securifi Almond [2024]

Securifi Almond routers have brought a revolution in the networking realm with their touch screen display. These routers are known for changing the fate of the internet dead zones in the house in a positive way. But, there are times when only a router doesn’t suffice the internet requirements of a person. This generally happens when the user owns a large apartment. In that case adding a Netgear range extender to the Securifi Almond home network is recommended. Of course, Netgear does not need any intro these days. Due to this very reason, we are directly shifting our focus on the steps explaining how to connect Netgear extender to Securifi Almond router.

The information given in this write-up will also be able to help you out if you are replacing your present home router with a Securifi Almond router. Therefore, if you are such a user, you can reap the benefits of this blog.

How to Connect Netgear Extender to Securifi Almond?

Before you start implementing the steps mentioned below, it is advised that you bring your Netgear range extender and the Securifi Almond wireless router in the same room. This way, it will be easier for you to connect both devices without much effort. Also, ensure that the room chosen for completing the connection process is well-ventilated and there is no WiFi interference-creating factor present. In simple words, the chosen one is not supposed to house microwave ovens, televisions, baby monitors, or refrigerators. The same thing applies to fish tanks and mirrors. Ensuring all this, consider giving a shot at the below mentioned instructions in a sequential manner:

  • Locate the Ethernet LAN port on your Securifi Almond router and connect an Ethernet cable there.
  • Another end of the same Ethernet cable is supposed to go into the WAN (Internet) port of your Netgear WiFi extender.
  • After creating a stable connection, you have to power on your Almond router and then the WiFi extender.
  • Are the extender lights solid? If yes, get down to implement the next step that involves gaining access to a PC.
  • Switch the PC on and open its Network and Internet Settings by click the WiFi icon on the Taskbar.
  • There, you are advised to look for the network named Netgear_ext.
  • Click it and input the default WiFi password of your Netgear range extender to complete the connection.

Quick Tip:Don’t know where to find the default WiFi password of your Netgear extender? Check out the label at its bottom. It is written there. You can also take the help of the product’s handbook for the same.

  • Now, you need to load an internet browser that is flaunting the latest version of the software.
  • Done? Go to the URL field and type the default web address i.e. there. Go for the address mywifiext.local if you are proceeding via Mac.
  • The administrative page of your extender will show up. If prompted to, enter admin into the Username field and password into the Password field.
  • The New Extender Setup portal will open.
  • Choose AP mode or Extender mode.
  • You will now be greeted by the dashboard of the Netgear extender a.k.a. the Netgear extender setup wizard.
  • The network you want to extended needs to be selected now. Since you are about to finalize the Securifi Almond and Netgear extender connection, consider selecting the network that belongs to the Securifi router.
  • Input the respective network key i.e. the WiFi password.
  • Click Connect and then move to the password setting window.
  • On this window, you will be asked to assign an admin password to the extender.
  • Once done, you should give a new SSID to the extender.
  • You can create separate SSIDs and WiFi keys for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network.

netgear extender network

  • A temporary loss of connection will occur.
  • Reconnect your computer to the extender’s network through new SSID and password.
  • Return to the Netgear Genie dashboard.
  • Customize other settings of your WiFi range extender and upgrade the firmware.
  • The connection is completed!

The steps explaining how to connect Netgear extender to Securifi Almond end here. Know that you need to assign a strong Netgear extender login password. After the connection process, you have to use this very password to log in to the network and manage settings. However, there is also an option for the Netgear Genie download for older extender models and the Nighthawk app for the latest extender models.

To Wrap Up

So, have you learned how to connect Netgear extender to Securifi Almond? That’s great! Now, we are expecting that you have successfully completed the process. Just in case you aren’t able to, there are chances that your Netgear extender was not operating on the default factory settings before the connection with the Securifi Almond router. In that scenario, we advise you perform a factory default reset of the extender and set it up again. Also, ensure that your Securifi router is already set up. Otherwise, you will keep failing the connection.

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