How to Download and Install Netgear A6120 Driver?

How to Download and Install Netgear A6120 Driver?

Using a Netgear A6120 adapter, you can connect your older Windows-based PCs or laptops to connect to WiFi at a speed that supports the latest WiFi technology. However, to maintain this speed, it is important that you have the latest Netgear A6210 driver. Mentioned in this write-up are the instructions that you should follow to download and install the adapter’s firmware.

From Where to Download the Netgear A6120 Driver?

Like Netgear Firmware update files, Netgear drivers for adapters can also be downloaded from the Download Center. You can access the Netgear Download Center at On the page showing on the screen, you will have to enter the Product Name/Model Number to view the available updates for your A6120 adapter. Installing a new driver version is easy. You just need to run the downloaded driver file and follow the on-screen instructions. But, your adapter must flaunt the latest software version for that.

How to Uninstall Older Software from Netgear A6120 Adapter?

To uninstall an older version of the software from your wireless adapter, you are suggested to follow the below given steps:

  • Insert the adapter into your laptop’s USB port.
  • Now, you need to let your adapter join the WiFi network. This happens automatically if your adapter was previously connected to your home network.
  • To join a new network, you need to click the Genie icon from the Windows System tray. This icon can be sometimes found on the desktop too.
  • You will now see the Netgear Genie Home screen.
  • Click the button labeled “Join a Network”.
  • You will get redirected to the Join a Network screen.
  • Click the network name that you want to join and select Connect.
  • After connecting to the desired network, you need to select Start on the Genie dashboard.
  • Click All Programs > Netgear A6120 genie.
  • Select Uninstall Netgear A6120 Software.

As soon as the older software version gets deleted, you are suggested to load a newer version. Read the next section to learn how.

How to Install Netgear A6120 Software?

Here are the instructions to be followed if you want to install a new software version on your Netgear wireless adapter:

  • Connect your adapter to the laptop or PC and join the desired WiFi network. Let us say, Netgear_ext.
  • The Netgear Genie dashboard will open.
  • In case, you can’t see the Netgear Genie Home screen, you should click the Genie icon in the system tray.
  • Now, select Other to reach the new screen.
  • Click the Check button.
  • This will allow the adapter to check for the latest available updates.
  • If a new software version is found, you can complete the installation process by following the on-screen instructions.

Note: When the adapter’s software is getting updated, the older version is removed. You need to remove it manually. Apart from this, the saved profiles are deleted. Also, the adapter does not connect to the network automatically after an update. You need to join the WiFi network again by accessing the Netgear Genie dashboard.

The Concluding Thought

It is very important to update the Netgear A6120 driver. This is because it lets your computer connect to the WiFi network at higher speeds. We hope that after taking the help of the instructions mentioned in the blog, you will be able to upgrade your adapter’s driver/software successfully.

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