How to Link Arris Home Modem to Netgear Router?

How to Link Arris Home Modem to Netgear Router?

Netgear WiFi router can connect to any brand modem and extender. Here, we will walk you through the Netgear router connection steps with Arris modem, which includes some steps like physical connection, and accessing Netgear login interface to adjust its settings.

We will also add an extra section of troubleshooting tips to make the WiFi router installation easy and error free.

Let’s start the blog without wasting any time and learn how to connect Netgear router to Arris modem via

Connect Netgear Router to Arris Modem

There are easy steps to connect the router to the modem with the help of Ethernet cable. At first place the router close to the modem, which should be far from the electronic devices. Now, follow the below steps to establish the router to modem link.

  • Use the Ethernet cable and insert its one end to the router’s WAN port.
  • Connect the other end to the modem’s LAN port.
  • Now, you have to turn on the router and modem.

After starting the router and modem, you have to access the Netgear interface to configure its settings and networks.

Log in to Netgear Interface to Manage Settings

To access the interface of the Netgear router device, you have to connect your computer or laptop with the router via LAN cable. Then, follow the below steps.

  • Find and open up to date web browser on your computer.
  • Visit or you can use IP address


  • A login interface will open on the screen, where you have to enter the login credentials.
  • You will find the credentials (username and password) in the Netgear router user manual.
  • Just enter the admin details and click on the NEXT button.
  • The BASIC Home page will appear on the screen.

To complete the Netgear router setup, you just have to follow on-screen prompts to adjust the settings. Here, you can also update router firmware and change the admin login credentials easily.

Now, have a look at some troubleshooting tips so that you can perform the Netgear router setup without facing any error.

Tips to Install Router Without Any Error

Place Router at Optimal Spot

You must connect Netgear router to Arris modem far from the reach of electronic devices like microwave ovens.

Don’t Use Damaged Cables

Never use damaged Ethernet cable to connect the router with modem and supply power to router. Replace damaged cables with a new one if you find any.

Use Up to Date Browser to Login

To log in to the Netgear router interface, you have to use the updated browser on your computer. To update, go to the browser Settings, select ABOUT, and click on UPDATE button.

Reboot If Any Big Problem Occurs

If you face any big problem while setting up your router like router not working or router not connecting to internet, then you must reboot the router. To restart the router, find and unplug the router power cord to the wall socket and plug it again.

End Note

From this blog, you have learned how to connect Netgear router to Arris modem physically and how to access the interface to adjust router settings. We have also given some tips that help you to perform the installation process without facing any trouble.

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