I Can’t Connect My Netgear Extender to Netgear Router. Help!

I Can’t Connect My Netgear Extender to Netgear Router. Help!

Netgear is known for its amazing product line. Recently, a user owning a Netgear extender as well as a Netgear router raised a query that he was unable to connect both devices for the setup process. The extender model he owned was EAX12 whereas RAX10 was the router’s model number. To be very honest, this problem isn’t model-specific. Therefore, if you are an owner of a WiFi router plus a range extender brought in by Netgear, you can lean on this post. Here, we will reveal what you need to do to successfully connect Netgear extender to Netgear router.

Understanding Router and Extender Connection

Before, troubleshooting the issue, it is necessary that you pay some attention to understanding the logic behind the connection between the Netgear extender and router. This is to inform you that you can connect your extender and router with the help of wired or wireless media. The wireless media method is generally known as WPS method. The paragraphs given below will make you understand the concept of wired and wireless connection between the Netgear extender and RAX10 router.

  • Wired Connection: When the EAX12 extender and the RAX10 router are connected through an Ethernet cable, the connection is called the wired connection. In this method, both devices communicate directly as the router feeds the internet signals through the cable. There are chances of minimum interference in this case. The major requirement is that the Ethernet connection is not loose.
  • Wireless Connection: The devices communicate through wireless signals in this case. There is no need for an Ethernet cable. You need to place your RAX10 router and the range extender in the same room and press their respective WPS buttons two times. The moment the 2.4 as well as the 5 GHz LED on the extender glows, you can conclude that the connection is successful.

Remember that you need to follow a few instructions on the dashboard of the extender after connecting it to the router through a wired medium. On the other hand, pressing the WPS buttons on both devices will wrap up the Netgear extender setup process that very instant. To connect Netgear extender to new router successfully, you need to verify a few things with respect to the source of connection used by you:

The Ethernet cable (wired medium) must not be damaged Your devices must be separated by a decent distance (8-10 ft) in case you have opted to connect them through a wireless source.

Still Can’t Connect Netgear EAX12 to RAX10 Router?

If you are still not able to connect your Netgear extender to Netgear router, then there might be some other reason affecting this process. What’s that reason? Let’s find out with the help of the information given below:

1. Power Cycle the Home Network

Was your RAX10 router already powered on when you connected the Netgear extender? Well, that’s where you went wrong! You are required to first create connections and then power up the devices. The sequence of powering up the devices is also predefined. It means you should start with modem and end with the extender. But, as you’ve already connected your devices, you should go for a power cycle. To be very specific, power down the modem first, then your router, and then the EAX12 extender. Wait for a few minutes and power up all the devices in the same orderas you switched them off. Try to connect your Netgear extender to Netgear router again. Any luck? In case you fail, refer to the next tip.

2. Use the Correct WiFi Password

This point applies to the users who choose to connect their Netgear extender and router through an Ethernet cable. We’ve already told you that this method requires you to access the management panel via mywifiext.net URL. After a successful login, you need to select the network to be extended (here, Netgear RAX10 router). Once you choose the network, you need to enter its WiFi password. You won’t be able to complete the final step of connecting Netgear EAX12 to Netgear RAX10 router if you enter the incorrect WiFi password. Therefore, be very careful that you are using the correct value.

The Final Thoughts

Millions of people fail to connect Netgear extender to Netgear router. But, with the help of correct techniques, they can become successful. We have highlighted major techniques in the post that can help you fix the problem. Now, we are hopeful that you have successfully connected Netgear EAX12 to the Netgear RAX10 router. If you fail, reset both devices. Set up the router first and then the extender. Go for the manual approach and while doing so, be very sure that you are connected to the WiFi network of the device that you are setting up.

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