Is Your Netgear Modem Router Combo Not Working? Let’s Help!

Is Your Netgear Modem Router Combo Not Working? Let’s Help!

A Netgear cable modem router is a combination of a WiFi router and a modem. It means the device will possess the features of the router as well as the modem. But, there are times when the device stops working all of a sudden. Is your Netgear modem router combo also not working? If yes, then this blog can help you make it functional. Given here are the solutions following which you can get rid of the issue easily. Read on.

Before You Start

This is for your general information that most of the connectivity issues related to networking devices arise when there is a need for a power cycle. Therefore, give your WiFi device what it demands i.e. the Power cycle. Doing so will make it free of technical glitches and provide it with an opportunity to become functional again. To power cycle the home network you are supposed to unplug the host devices first and then the client devices. After that, consider waiting for a few moments and plug all devices back in.

Solved: Netgear Modem Router Combo Not Working

1. Check Power Levels of Cable Line

You should start the troubleshooting process by having a good look at the power levels of the cable line linked to your modem router combo. For this, it is recommended that you view the downstream and upstream power levels of the device. The instructions to check the same by accessing the modem routerlogin portal are as follows:

  • Load an internet browser on a client device (laptop/computer/mobile phone) connected to the router’s network.
  • Access the IP address.
  • Input the user name and password of your cable modem router. The user name is admin and the default password is password.
  • Select the Cable Connection option after the BASIC Home page shows up.
  • You can now view the downstream and upstream power levels.

If the Downstream power levels are within -7 to +7dBmV, the value can be considered a good one. However, the good upstream power levels range from 38-48 dBmV. You might need to contact your ISP if the value fluctuates.

2. Remove Splitters

Are there any network splitters present between your cable line and the Netgear modem router combo? A network splitter does nothing, but split the internet connection due to which two devices start sharing a single Ethernet signal. Hence, you won’t require two separate cables when you want to connect to two networks.

But, network splitters also reduce the signal quality of the cable line. Therefore, if there are any network splitters present in your cable line, remove them as soon as possible.

3. Update the Firmware Version

The firmware of any networking device plays a vital role in deciding its performance. Keep in mind that when a device flaunts an outdated software version, it starts lacking all those latest features and technologies that new devices possess. If you update the firmware of your Netgear modem router combo, there are high chances that it will resume working. To check the firmware version of your modem router combination, you can take the reference of the following steps:

Update the Firmware Version

  • Using a web browser on a device connected to the router’s network access or
  • Enter the password and username of your cable modem router.
  • On the BASIC Home screen, consider locating the Advanced option.
  • Click Administration > Router Update/Firmware Update.
  • Select Check and let your router check for new firmware.
  • Click Yes if there is a new version of firmware available.

Note: You are not supposed to go online or turn off the modem router after selecting the Yes button until it restarts. Also, the aforementioned instructions apply to the CAX series of modem routers combo. In case you own another model, you are suggested to get in touch with your ISP as they do not allow manual updates of the firmware.

The Final Thoughts

Is your Netgear modem router combo working now? We hope that after updating the firmware and removing network splitters, your modem router has started functioning properly. On the off-chance, the problem is still there, you can conclude that your device has not been activated. Therefore, you are suggested to activate it through the self-activation process.

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