MacBook Connected to WiFi But No Internet: Step-by-Step Fix

MacBook Connected to WiFi But No Internet: Step-by-Step Fix

Is your MacBook connected to the WiFi network, but you are getting no internet? What’s the name of the internet network you are connecting to? Is it Netgear_ext? Well, it is a clear sign that you have connected your MacBook to the WiFi network of a Netgear extender. But, the situation has become awry because of the MacBook connected to WiFi but no internet issue.

For Your Information

If your MacBook is connected to a WiFi network but no internet is there, then you should check whether the problem is with other devices too. If all devices present in our home WiFi network are getting no internet, then of course the troubleshooting tips need to be implemented on the extender. But, if it is just the MacBook, you should perform entire troubleshooting with respect to the MacBook only.

Why is MabBook Connected to WiFi But No Internet is There?

There is a great misconception that when the WiFi bars are full, the device is connected to the network. This is the situation we are currently trying to address. However, it will be a great initiative if you perform troubleshooting in steps. For your ease, we have divided this process in two stages. The first stage will talk about all the potential causes behind the issue. On the other hand, the second one will completely focus on the techniques to be followed. Refer to the below mentioned points for that:

  • Operating system bugs are the most common reasons due to which you might face issues connecting to the internet on MacBook even when you’ve joined the WiFi network. Maybe the OS has become outdated or a virus has attacked your MacBook.
  • Another reason why your MacBook is connected to WiFi but no internet is there is a corrupted preference file. Corrupted files tend to create other major issues while using the MacBook.
  • Wrong date, date, time or location can also create issues with the internet connection on a MacBook. Not only this, but due to this very reason, you are most likely to experience other issues like the inaccessibility of a website like

From the above mentioned 3 reasons, you might have understood what needs to be done here. If you are still wondering, then know that you have to update the OS of your MacBook and install an antivirus program. Besides, you should also delete the corrupted network preference files to facilitate a connection. If that also fails to help you out, change the date, time, and location if incorrect.

Solutions: MacBook Connected to WiFi But No Internet

It might seem hard to find the exact reason and troubleshoot the internet connectivity issue with the MacBook and a Netgear extender network. But, regardless of that, we will try to provide you the practical fix to get the problem resolved like it never existed.

1. Troubleshoot Your MacBook [Hardware]

No, we are not actually asking you to unfasten your MacBook and rearrange its accessories. You are suggested to reboot your MacBook. Yes! A fresh restart of the Mac device can help you connect to the internet. But, if that fails to do the internet connection job for you, you should immediately check if any USB is connected to your MacBook. If yes, disconnect it and see if you get successful in connecting to the internet.

2. Use MacBook Built-In Tools

Now, it is time to put the built-in diagnostic tools of your MacBook to use. For this, you are suggested to click the WiFi icon in the menu bar and see the menu titles “WiFi Recommendations”. If yes, then issue has been successfully detected. After that, you can follow the on-screen instructions to fix the MacBook connected to WiFi but no internet issue.You can also use Wireless Diagnostics. To do that, you should press and hold the Option key. You should click the WiFi icon along with that. Thereafter, choose Open Wireless Diagnostics and let the MacBook diagnose and fix the issue.


3. Erase Network Preferences Files

You can also fix the issue by restoring the MacBook internet settings to their default values. To be honest, there is no physical Reset button on the MacBook as you can see in the case of the Netgear extender. Thus, you are advised to trash the network preferences files on your MacBook as an alternative to reset it. Here’s how:

  • Open Finder and select Go to Folder.
  • Enter the path -/Library/Preferences/System Configuration and hit Enter.
  • Delete the files:,, NetworkInterfaces.plist, preferences.plist, and Settings.plist.

The Concluding Remarks

The MacBook connected to WiFi but no internet issue can be a real pain as it hinders the person from using the wireless internet on one of the advanced WiFi device. Since we’ve mentioned major techniques that will work in most of the cases, we are hopeful that they will work in your case too. With that being said, we are now wrapping up the post.

However, if the internet connection problem is still not ready to leave your side, you should immediately renew your DHCP lease on the MacBook via TCP/IP settings.

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