My Netgear EX6400v3 Not Connecting to DLink Modem. Help!

My Netgear EX6400v3 Not Connecting to DLink Modem. Help!

The Netgear EX6400v3 extender is supposed to be set up in the access point mode if you want to connect it to a modem or a gateway other than router. This is because the job of the extender is to take the router’s wireless signals and feed them to your wireless clients to give enhanced internet coverage.

Walk through the information given below if your EX6400v3 is not connecting to the DLink modem. You can use these tips in case you have performed Netgear extender setup for another model or own some other modem.

Fixed: Netgear EX6400v3 Not Connecting to DLink Modem

The following tips will help you fix the connection problem between a Netgear extender and the DLink modem. Make sure that you follow them carefully.

Tip 1: Replace the Ethernet Cable

Since the access point operates via an Ethernet connection only, there are chances that the LAN cable connected to the ports of your DLink modem and the EX6400v3 extender has become damaged. To fix the problem, we recommend you change the cable. Ensure that the chosen cable is free of cuts. Also, be sure about the finger-tightness of the connection.

Note: Apart from being connected firmly, the cable must be connected to the correct ports of your Netgear EX6400v3 and the D-Link modem. For your information, it should be the LAN port of your DLink modem and the WAN port of your range extender.

Tip 2: Restart Your WiFi Devices

Sometimes, the connectivity problem is the result of just a network error. To get rid of them, it is recommended that you restart your Netgear extender and the DLink modem. For that, unplug the extender from its respective power outlet and wait for some time. After that, plug it back. The same thing needs to be done with your DLink modem. However, there should be no connection between your devices while you reboot them.

Contacting your ISP is also recommended in the case of multiple failures. He might have disabled the port which cannot be opened without his assistance.

Tip 3: Check the Mode Selector Switch

The Netgear EX6400v3 range extender comes with a Mode Selector switch that allows the user to put it in the Extender or Access Point mode. Perhaps, you forgot to switch it to the Access Point position before connecting your modem and Netgear extender via a web browser. Therefore, check the same and mend your mistake.

Tip 4: Reset the Extender

If you are still unable to connect your Netgear EX6400v3 extender to the DLink modem, there are higher chances that the extender is not running on the default settings. For your knowledge, an already configured extender cannot be connected to any device. Thus, you should perform a factory default reset of the Netgear extender using the below-given instructions:

Reset the Extender

  • Ensure that the extender isn’t connected to the modem.
  • The power supply to the EX6400v3 extender should be adequate.
  • Find the Reset button on the extender and press it using a pointed object (a pin or a paper clip).
  • Hold the button for 7 seconds and release it.
  • Your Netgear EX6400v3 is now flaunting the default settings.

You can also use the aforementioned steps to reset your Netgear router in case you forget the routerlogin details.

The Concluding Words

Now, we are about to wrap up the post that explained what to do if your Netgear EX6400v3 is not connecting to the DLink modem. We are hopeful that with the help of the information given here, you will be able to link your modem and the EX6400v3 device easily.

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