My Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet after Reset. Help!

My Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet after Reset. Help!

My Netgear router wasn’t giving me internet speeds I was expecting. So, I decided to start everything once again i.e. perform Netgear router setup. I disconnected all the devices connected to the router and then pressed and held the Reset button. The router started running on the default settings. But, a new problem started. The router failed to connect to the internet. Why is my Netgear router not connecting to internet after reset? Has something wrong happened with my router? Help! – A Netgear router user.

Google answers similar queries million times a day. You reading this blog is a clear sign that your Netgear router has also denied connecting to the internet resulting in forbidden access to But, it does not mean that your journey with the router has ended. Instead of giving up, you should learn why things went opposite your expectations and what should be done to get everything back on track. Go on to read.

Did You Hardwire Your Router and Modem?
Without further ado, you are suggested to check the connection between your Netgear router and modem. Did you hardwire them? No? Well, you’ve just found the dominant reason behind the Netgear router not connecting to internet. How can you expect your router to receive an internet connection if you do not set it up? And how can you set up the router if you forget to connect it to the modem? Thus, first things first; connect your Netgear router to the modem and access its web based management panel to connect it to the internet.

Why is Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet after Reset?

The reasons creating the internet connection problem with the Netgear router are highlighted below. Getting acquainted with the reasons will help you troubleshoot the issue effectively:

  • The router might have become a victim of minor bugs
  • You have not used a well-working cable to connect your Netgear router and modem
  • The distance separating your WiFi router and modem is inordinate
  • You have not powered up your devices in a particular sequence

Solutions: Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet after Reset

The previous section revealed what might stop your Netgear router from getting connected to the internet. This section will completely focus on the troubleshooting practices.

Kick Off Bugs

Are you wondering how bugs can be kicked off? Before that, you must know how these bugs have affected your router’s ability to connect to the internet after the reset process. Know that they come into action when the router does not get powered up properly. Thus, to get rid of them, it is advised that you power cycle the router. The process is all about providing some rest to the router by keeping it powered down for a few minutes.

Check the LAN Cable

The Netgear router does not connect to the internetafter reset if the LAN cable running from its Internet port (one in yellow color) to the LAN1 port of the modem is damaged. You cannot expect such a cable to transmit signals properly. Therefore, we advise you to get this cable replaced with a new one so that signal transmission can take place smoothly. Also, you need to ensure that the connection is strong (finger-tight). After performing this hack, check by accessing whether your router connects to the internet or not.
lan cable

Bridge the Router-Modem Gap

Now, it is time to bridge the gap through which modem and the Netgear router are separated. There are occasions when two devices fail to communicate due to excessive distance. Reducing the modem-router gap can bring some positive outcomes. But, be careful during this practice. If you make this gap zero, there is a high possibility that the signals emitted by them will get involved in a clash.

Follow a Particular Power Sequence

When you are about to connect your Netgear router to the internet after reset, it is important that you power up all the networking devices in the right order. If you power up the router before modem, chances of failure increases. Thus, the correct sequence should be modem > Netgear router. However, if you have employed a network switch, you should power it up after the modem and before the router. All in all, host devices should be switched on before clients.

Tried 30-30-30 Reset?
The Netgear router not connecting to internet after reset issue can also occur if the router was is reset properly.To connect it to the router once again, it is suggested that you perform a 30-30-30 reset. This is not a new process. You just need to carry out the factory default reset process 3 times. However, keep the button pressed for 30 seconds straight instead of 7-15 seconds.

The Bottom Line

It can be painful if the Netgear router not connecting to internet after reset issue shows up. The reason being, a factory default reset is the ultimate hack to all router problems. But, we are hopeful that after taking necessary steps, you will be able to address the problem easily.

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