Netgear 24 Port POE Switch [Managed and Unmanaged] Setup

Netgear 24 Port POE Switch [Managed and Unmanaged] Setup

The digital world is so vast that if we start counting the number of networking devices, we’ll end up forgetting their names. But, let’s not discuss every networking gadget. This blog will completely focus on the Netgear 24 port POE switch that is known to provide power as well as the internet to devices like cameras, access points, IP phones, and similar IoT gadgets. Read on.

What is a POE Switch?

If you are a newbie, then we would first like to shed light on its brief introduction. The definition of the device lies in its name itself. FYI, POE stands for Power over Ethernet. It means a POE switch is a device that transfers power to a networking gadget with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Let’s not forget that the cable also serves the purpose of sending internet signals to the end device. Netgear also manufactures switches that have multiple ports. The range of these ports varies from 2-48. Given below is the basic terminology that you should be aware of before learning the installation process of the Netgear 24 port POE switch.

1) Power Source Equipment (PSE): The device that adds power to the Ethernet is called the Power Source Equipment.

2) Powered Device (PD): It is the end device that receives the power as well as the internet signals transmitted through the Ethernet cable.

Basic Information

Netgear 24-port POE switches are manufactured in two categories i.e. Managed and Unmanaged. The first ones cannot be modified or managed. It means you need not enable/disable interfaces. On the other hand, managed switches can be modified. The purpose of these POE switches is to improve the security of the network by identifying threats.

How to Set Up Netgear 24 Port POE Switch?

You’ve already learned that the 24-Port POE switch comes in two categories; let us now directly shift our focus to the instructions that will help you install them. First, we will discuss the steps to complete the setup process of an Unmanaged Netgear switch.

Setup of 24 Port Unmanaged Switch

You are free to wall mount your switch or install it in a rack. It can be done with the help of screws that you’ve received in the package. After that follow these steps:

  • Connect your computer or mobile device to the internet and access
  • Now, log in to your NETGEAR ACCOUNT using the registered email ID & password.
  • You will see the MY PRODUCTS page.
  • Now, click or tap REGISTER A PRODUCT (on the left menu).
  • Type the serial number of your switch in the given field.
  • You can easily find the serial number on your 24-Port POE unmanaged switch’s label.
  • Choose the DATE OF PURCHASE from the respective menu.
  • Click or tap REGISTER to complete the registration process.
  • You’ll get a confirmation email on the NETGEAR ACCOUNT EMAIL ID.
  • Now, connect PSE and PD to your unmanaged switch and power it up.
  • Check the LED status on the switch and use it as per your wish.

Netgear Unmanaged Switch LED Status

Power LED Port Link and Activity LED (one numbered LED for each point) Port Speed LED (one square LED for each point)
Solid green when powered on Solid green means the Link is establisheds 1000 Mbps Link is there when the Port Speed LED is solid green
Off when powered off Blinking green represents activity 100/10Mbps Link is indicated by the solid yellow status
Off when there is no link

Steps to Install Netgear 24 Port POE Managed Switch

Like an unmanaged switch, the managed one can also be wall-mounted or fitted in a rack. You can choose the hardware installation method as per your wish. After that, follow these instructions to set it up through the default IP. Remember that the default IP of the Managed switch is Do not confuse it for that belongs to the router.

  • Connect the PSE and PD to the ports on your Netgear managed switch.
  • Now, connect the LAN port of the router to the switch’s SFP or RJ-45 port.
  • Power up the switch after that.
  • Check the POE Max LED status. It needs to be OFF.
  • You can now configure the switch by accessing the default IP address i.e.
  • The computer used for the configuration of the switch must be on the same network as the switch.
  • FYI, the default password of the switch is password.
  • Thereafter, follow the on-screen prompts to enter the static IP, subnet mask, and default gateway IP.
  • Your switch is now configured.

More About Netgear Managed Switched Switch

You can also use the NETGEAR SWITCH DISCOVERY TOOL for the configuration of the 24-Port POE Managed switch brought in by Netgear. It is available on the Netgear official site. Or, you can simply install the SMART CONTROL CENTER utility on your Windows-based computer. If your switch is connected to the ROUTER or ACCESS POINT, you can register it through the INSIGHT app.

What’s Next?

As soon as your Netgear 24 Port POE switch gets configured, you can start setting up your IP cameras, IP phones, access points, or the same kind of IoT devices. To improve the security, you are free to access the default IP address of the switch (only managed) and tweak some settings.

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