Netgear CAX30 Firmware Update – How to Do

Netgear CAX30 Firmware Update – How to Do

A CAX30 cable modem router brought in by Netgear comes with a built-in firewall that keeps the connected devices safe from online threats. Providing a consistent WiFi speed to connected devices during internet rush hours is like a cherry on the top. If you want maintain the home network security and WiFi performance at the top-level, it is suggested that you perform Netgear CAX30 firmware update. On the off-chance, you are not aware of the firmware update instructions for your modem router, go through this guide. Here, three different methods to complete the Netgear router firmware update have been discussed.

What are Netgear CAX30 Firmware Update Methods?

The introduction to three methods that can be adopted to install the latest firmware version on a CAX30 cable modem router is given in the following table:

Methods Description
Nighthawk App It involves the easy-to-use platform i.e. the mobile application.
Web Browser The user needs to access the router’s management panel on a web browser via
Manual Method The firmware file is downloaded separately and then uploaded on the router’s management panel.

Got an overview of all three methods? Therefore, it is time to discuss the instructions upgrade the firmware/software of your modem router. You can pick the method that you find easy-to-execute.

How to Update Netgear CAX30 Firmware?

Since the Nighthawk app is the easiest approach that can be adopted to update the router’s firmware, we will start with it only. Before starting the steps, you are suggested to install the latest stable version of the Nighthawk application on your mobile phone. After that, walk through the info given in the sub-section given below:

CAX30 Firmware Update via Nighthawk App

  • Connect your mobile phone to the Netgear CAX30 WiFi network.
  • Open the Nighthawk application now.
  • You might be prompted to input the username and password.
  • Input the correct values and tap Sign In.
  • You will now be greeted by the app’s dashboard.
  • Tap the image of your Netgear CAX30 modem router.
  • The Router Settings page will appear.
  • Scroll down a little and select Check for Updates.
  • Hit Update in case a new version of firmware is ready for the installation.

Note: Once you tap the Update option, you are not supposed to turn off the CAX 30 modem router or close the Nighthawk app.

CAX30 Firmware Update via Web Browser

  • Connect your PC/laptop to the Netgear CAX30 with an Ethernet cable.
  • The Ethernet cable must be free of damages.
  • The next step is to load an internet browser like Safari or Chrome.
  • Visit and input the valid router login credentials on the login portal.
  • The default username value is admin and the password has the value password. Input them in lowercase.
  • You must not proceed using default values if they were ever customized.
  • Choose Advanced and select Administration after that.


  • You are now supposed to select the Firmware Update option and hit Check.
  • Your Netgear CAX30 modem router will now examine if a new firmware version is ready for installation.
  • Select Yes in case there is an update available.
  • The router’s firmware will get updated in a few minutes.

This is how you can complete Netgear CAX30 firmware update via a web browser. The next approach that we are going to discuss now is 50% similar to this one as it also involves the assessment of the browser-based panel of the router.

Netgear CAX30 Firmware Update Manually

  • Create a LAN cable connection between your computer and the Netgear modem router.
  • Go to Netgear Download Centre and download the latest version of firmware for CAX30.
  • You might need to unzip the firmware file.
  • Get the file saved at the most convenient location on your computer.
  • Now, you should access the URL and log in to the router.
  • You will be taken to the Netgear router setup wizard.
  • Go to the Firmware Update page by following the path – Advanced > Administration.
  • Hit the Firmware Update option.
  • You will now get an option called Choose File/Browse that will let you pick the firmware file.
  • Find the CAX30 firmware file you downloaded and select Upload.
  • The process will get started and in a few moments you will find that the modem router has been equipped with the desired firmware version.

The manual method of firmware update is supposed to be used when you are about to install a particular version of firmware on the modem router. You won’t get this opportunity in the web browser based method or the Nighthawk app.

The Final Words

Since we have reached the conclusion of the guide explaining the Netgear CAX30 firmware update process, we are now hopeful that you have upgraded the modem router. Know that you are supposed to let the process get completed without any interruption.

In addition to that, you should remember that the modem router will reboot as a part of the firmware update process. Do not confuse this situation as the non-working status of your router. Act patiently and let your device restart. However, if the router does not restart in 30 minutes, you should reset it and set it up once again. And yes, you also need to upgrade the firmware after that.

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