Netgear Extender Device Light Off? We Can Help You Fix It!

Netgear Extender Device Light Off? We Can Help You Fix It!

Every Netgear range extender comes equipped with different LED lights. These LED lights serve the purpose of making the user aware of the various states of the extender. Like, the Power LED reveals whether stable power is being supplied or not whereas the WPS LED demystifies the status of the WPS connection. The extender also consists of the Device LED which tells the user whether any device is accessing the network or not. If you are also troubled by the Netgear extender device light off problem despite many devices accessing its network, read this blog.

Here, you will learn easy solutions. After applying them, you will be able to change the status of the Device LED from off to on. Know that you might need to follow one or more hacks to resolve the problem you are facing. Therefore, be ready for that.

Additionally, you can also take the help of our technical team in case you feel like the troubleshooting process is not your cup of tea anymore. Regardless of whether anyone needs help in accessing the setup wizard for the management of the Netgear router or any problem related to the Netgear extender, a helping hand is what our experts will offer.

Why is Netgear Extender Device Light Off?

Before hopping up to the troubleshooting section, you must make yourself aware of the reasons why the Netgear extender’s device light is not turning on. The potential causes behind the problem are highlighted below. But, the primary reason behind this mess is the accessibility of the extender’s network to multiple devices [more than it can sustain] at the same time.

Therefore, try to reduce the number of devices accessing the network of your range extender. In the Netgear extender device light off issue is not ready to leave your side, get ready to learn other reasons. Here they are:

Every Device Out of Range

There’s a possibility that every device accessing the Netgear range extender is present out of the range of the WiFi signals emitted by the extender. In this case, there is an illusion that your devices are accessing the extender. But, the truth is there is patchy or no internet connection at all.

Technical Glitches

Just like an exhausted human being can fall ill, networking devices that work too much also possess the tendency to house technical glitches. These technical glitches if not addressed timely can invite major issues to the table.

WiFi Interference

You cannot ignore interferences when it comes to wireless internet accessibility. There are chances that the devices accessing the extender are suffering internet loss due to the WiFi interference creating factors present in the path of signals approaching them.

So, these were the causes due to which one can struggle with the Netgear extender device light off issue. Considering that you have gained enough knowledge about them, it is time to aim for troubleshooting. Mentioned in the next section are the tips using which you can troubleshoot the problem. However, before that, consider making the extender-router connection finger-tight. Because in one way or other, the router is also a device connected to your Netgear extender.

Solutions: Netgear Extender Device Light Off

Get in the Extender’s Range

The very first and the easiest hack you can implement to change the status of the extender’s Device LED is to bring the device within the extender’s range. You are not supposed to get too close as there is a possibility of getting stuck with other issues.

Give Rest to Your Extender

The Netgear extender device light off issue can also be gotten rid of by giving some rest to the extender. All you should do is unplug the range extender from its power socket, let it stay idle, and connect it back after some time.

Remove WiFi Interference

Try to remove the WiFi interference present around your Netgear extender. The best thing you can do to fix it is to relocate the extender. Just pick it up and place it at a location where it maintains a clear line of sight with the main router and is away from devices emitting EM waves, reflexive surfaces, and objects containing a large amount of water.

Still Facing Problem?

We are hopeful that after giving a shot at the hacks mentioned above, you will get successful in fixing the Netgear extender device light off issue. Just in case you fail even after making all the attempts, you are more than welcome to take assistance from our experts.

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