Netgear Nighthawk Router Orange Light Issue – Quick Solutions

Netgear Nighthawk Router Orange Light Issue – Quick Solutions

Nighthawk is an astonishing series of WiFi routers from Netgear. You might get charmed by the colors flashed by the LED lights present on a Netgear Nighthawk router. But, they can be deceiving sometimes. This happens especially when you see the Nighthawk router orange light, it is a sign of a power or an internet-related issue that can also stop you from accessing How to fix that issue? We are going to discuss in the blog.

Why Are You Seeing Nighthawk Router Orange Light?

Various LED lights are present on a Nighthawk WiFi router. These lights are – Power, Internet, WiFi, WiFi Bands, USB, Ethernet, and WPS lights. You can see the orange light on the Power and Internet LED light of the router. Given below are the reasons due to which you might come across the Netgear Nighthawk router orange light problem:

  • The power supply to your Nighthawk router is not sufficient.
  • You have not connected your router and modem properly.
  • Technical glitches are affecting the router’s ability to work appropriately.
  • Outdated firmware can also cause the router to flash orange.

So, these were the reasons that can cause the Nighthawk router orange light problem. But, whatever the reason is, the troubleshooting tips mentioned in the next section will help you resolve the issue.

Solutions: Nighthawk Router Orange Light Issue

1. Ensure Stable Power Supply

When the Power light of the router can turn orange, there are high-chances that your router is not getting the power supply it needs. May be you have connected it to a damaged socket. There is also a possibility that the power cord of your router is damaged. Thus, you are suggested to check both.

Plug your Nighthawk router into another wall outlet in case the current wall socket is found damaged. You also have an option of repairing the existing wall outlet. You should get the power cable replaced with a genuine (supplied by the manufacturer) if the router’s cable has cuts.

2. Connect Router and Modem Properly

Check the LAN cable connection at the router and modem ports. Is it weak? If yes, then make the connection finger-tight. You are also suggested to check the physical health of the Ethernet cable connecting your devices. It should be non-damaged no matter what. Apart from this, you also have to ensure that the cable is connected to the correct ports of your devices i.e. the Nighthawk router’s WAN port and the host modem’s LAN port.

Note: If you have used a PoE switch to power up and connect your Netgear router to the internet. Be sure that the cables related to the router-switch and switch-modem connection are free of damages.

3. Restart Your Nighthawk Router

Technical glitches are the oldest disturbing entities in the networking realm and so do their solution which is rebooting. Rebooting can help you get rid of technical glitches in an instant. You never know that it can fix the Netgear Nighthawk router orange light issue too. Therefore, without any delay, reboot/restart your router:

  • Remove the power adapter of your Nighthawk router from the wall outlet.
  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable connecting the router and modem.
  • Let your router stay idle for 15-20 minutes now.
  • Reconnect the Nighthawk router and the modem.
  • Connect the router’s power adapter back to the power outlet.

4. Upgrade the Firmware

This tip can be employed only if the any other light (including the Power light) on the WiFi router is flashing orange. There are high chances that an outdated firmware of the router is not letting you make the most of it. Therefore, you should upgrade the router’s firmware using the web-based management utility or the Nighthawk app.

Upgrade the Firmware

While you perform Netgear firmware update, be very sure that you are uploading the correct firmware file on the web GUI of the router. Choosing a wrong file can corrupt the firmware. Also, complete the firmware update of the router through a wired connection between the router and your computer. You can go for WiFi connection in the case of the app. Besides, do not interrupt the firmware update process by powering down the router.

The Conclusion

The Nighthawk router orange light issue has affected the internet usage experience of many users. Since you’ve read this blog and implemented the techniques mentioned above, we expect that the orange light on your router has now been fixed.

On the off-chance, you are still frustrated by the orange light on your WiFi router, it is recommended that you factory reset it. The steps to reset the Netgear router are mentioned in the user manual. However, you must know that you have to set up the router from scratch after resetting it. For this, you can either use the Nighthawk app or go for the manual method.

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