Netgear R6200 Firmware-Related Issue – How to Troubleshoot

Netgear R6200 Firmware-Related Issue – How to Troubleshoot

Are you facing issues updating the firmware of your Netgear R6200 WiFi router to the latest version? Worry not! This blog will make you aware of a few troubleshooting techniques that will help you get rid of the Netgear R6200 firmware related issue in a matter of minutes.

What Factors Affect Netgear R6200 Firmware Update?

First of all, let’s discuss the factors due to which a Netgear firmware update on a WiFi router fails or succeeds. Below, we’ve mentioned them.

1. Firmware Version

The very first thing that impacts the firmware update on a Netgear router is the firmware file itself. Most firmware updates fail because users do not upload the correct firmware file on the router.

2. Internet Connection

A sound internet connection is required to update the R6200 router’s firmware without any problem. If the internet connection gets interrupted, the chances of failure are more. And yes, the firmware update must be completed with the help of a hardwired connection only.

3. The Steps Involved in the Process

Many users act carelessly during the firmware update process and hence end up following the incorrect steps. As a result, they fail to upgrade the router’s firmware version successfully. You must follow the correct steps to update the router’s firmware.

How to Update R6200 Firmware?

The steps to upgrade the firmware of the Netgear R6200 WiFi router are mentioned below so that you won’t face any problem:

Update R6200 Firmware

  • Connect your PC or laptop directly to the Netgear router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Once done, go to the router login window by accessing or
  • As soon as the login page pops up, input admin into the Username field and the specified value of the password into the Password field.
  • On the router’s dashboard or the STATUS page, select Advanced.
  • Look for the Firmware Update option and click it.
  • A new window will open where you will be prompted to upload the Netgear R6200 firmware file.
  • So, open a new tab on the web browser and download the router’s latest firmware file from the Netgear Download Center.
  • Return to the router’s dashboard where you have opened the Firmware Update page.
  • Upload the file you’ve downloaded.
  • Wait until your router reboots after a successful upload of the firmware file.

Still Facing Netgear R6200 Firmware Issues?

In case you are still facing problems related to the router’s firmware update, you can check out the techniques given below:

1. Upload the Correct Firmware File

As we told, the firmware file matters the most. You should be very careful that the file you are uploading on the firmware update page belongs to the R6200 router only. If you upload the Netgear RAX80 firmware file, the router’s firmware will get corrupted.

2. Ensure Stable Internet Connection

The cable connecting your Netgear R6200 WiFi router and the PC should be free of damages. Apart from this, it must be properly connected to your devices. Otherwise, internet will keep fluctuating and you will fail.

Note: While the Netgear router update is in progress, you must be very sure that the process completes without any interruption. The interruption includes switching of tabs or disconnection from the internet or power.

The Final Words

With that, we are now putting a full stop to the discussion that revealed the factors affecting Netgear R6200 firmware update process and solutions to fix the problem. Now we hope that you will be able to upgrade the router’s firmware successfully.

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