Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet [5 Easy Fixes]

Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet [5 Easy Fixes]

Satiating the internet requirements of millions, Netgear WiFi routers are ideal choices for large houses and workplaces. Just visit to configure it with the existing modem and you’re good to go. But, not every user has a rosy experience with the Netgear router. Some users have complained that they are facing the Netgear router keeps dropping internet. Are you also finding yourself in the mess of the same issue? If yes, then relax! This blog is the right place where you’ll get answers to all your questions regarding the internet issue with the WiFi router. Because here, we’ve discussed not 1 or 2, but 5 fixes using which you can easily rid yourself of the problem. Keep reading.

Reasons: Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet

Before learning how to fix the internet connectivity issue with the Netgear wireless router, you must learn why the issue occurred in the first place. Here’s the list of the common reasons dragging you to the Netgear router keeps dropping internet issue:

  1. The router is not connected to the modem properly
  2. There is too much distance between your Netgear router and modem
  3. You did not update the firmware of your wireless router
  4. The router is not receiving adequate electricity from the power source
  5. Improper location of your Netgear wireless device

Now that you’ve gained enough knowledge about the reasons behind the Netgear router internet issue, it is the moment that you start learning the process of troubleshooting it. However, if you want to take help from professionals during the troubleshooting procedure, consider reaching out to our technical support staff.

Fixed: Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Internet

1. Check the Ethernet Connection

The number one reason we discussed in the former section was the improper connection between your Netgear router and modem. Is the Ethernet cable connecting your devices alright? Check for yourself and see:

  1. Are there any cuts on the cable? If yes, then use a new Ethernet wire as its substitute.
  2. Is the cable perfectly fitting the socket? If not, then you should make the connection strong.

2. Bring Your Devices Closer

If mending the Ethernet connection doesn’t bring you any luck in resolving the Netgear router keeps dropping internet issue, then it’s probably the second reason on the list that has come into play. Therefore, keep the following points in your mind when it comes to the router-modem distance:

  1. There must be a visible distance between your Netgear router and modem.
  2. The distance should not be too less. Otherwise, the signals of your devices will clash.

3. Update the Netgear Router

The firmware is the governing body of your Netgear router. It is because every activity your Netgear router performs depends upon the instructions given by firmware. Therefore, to get rid of the internet connectivity issue with your wireless router, perform a Netgear firmware update immediately. The firmware update process of your router can be carried out by accessing the BASIC Home screen and clicking Firmware Update under the Administration section. However, you need to take care of the following things during the firmware update procedure:

  1. There should be a proper connection between your WiFi devices.
  2. Avoid playing games or doing other tasks on your PC till the firmware gets updated.

4. Examine the Power Supply

How can we forget the most important factor related to the router i.e. the power? Without power, you can’t imagine operating your Netgear router. Given below is the list of power-related parameters that need to be met in order to ensure the proper functioning of the router:

  1. There should be no damage to the power socket that is supplying electricity to the router.
  2. Your router’s power requirements must not suffer due to random power cuts. Use a UPS in that scenario.

5. Relocate the Netgear Router

Still facing the Netgear router keeps dropping internet issue? Time to pick up your router and move it to a new location! Perhaps the current one is filled with WiFi interference-creating factors. But, while relocating your router:

  1. Make sure it is placed away from corners and thick concrete walls.
  2. Ensure that metal objects, devices emitting electromagnetic radiation, reflective surfaces, and water-carrying objects are far apart from the WiFi router.

On a Final Note

The Netgear router keeps dropping internet issue can occur due to many factors. We are hopeful that the 5 fixes we’ve discussed in this write-up will be able to pull you out of the problem.

Just in case, these fixes fail to suffice, it is a sign that you’ve committed a mistake during the troubleshooting process. In that scenario, contact our profound experts for personalized guidance.

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