Netgear Router Placement: What You Should Know

Netgear Router Placement: What You Should Know

Have you purchased a new Netgear router? Are you excited to access a high-speed internet connection in every nook and cranny of your house? Well, first of all, we would like to congratulate you on making such a brilliant choice. After setting up a Netgear router, you need not worry about the dead zones in your home. But, do you know what is the greatest factor that lets you get the most out of your WiFi router? It is the Netgear router placement. The location of your Netgear router plays a pivotal role in deciding the efficiency of your WiFi router.

Moreover, if your WiFi device has the correct placement, you won’t face issues during the Netgear router login and setup process. Therefore, you should never act carelessly when it comes to Netgear router placement. Have a walk through the below-mentioned tips and learn how to place your Netgear router at the correct location to optimize its performance.

Netgear Router Placement Tips

Choose the Central Location

Which area of your home requires a speedy internet connection? Every corner. Isn’t it? It will be possible only if the Netgear router is placed at the central location of your house. Know that your Netgear router send signals in all directions. If it is placed in the corner of the room, then a significant percentage of your home will be able to get an internet connection whereas the rest of the WiFi signals will not get transmitted evenly .

Therefore, selecting the central location for the Netgear router placement will reduce wasted WiFi coverage. It will also eliminate the excess distance between your WiFi-enabled device and the router.

Avoid Placing the Router on the Floor

Another thing you need to consider during the Netgear router placement is the floor. If you want the Netgear router to disperse the WiFi signals throughout the home, get it off the floor. WiFi routers have omnidirectional antennas. It means that they transmit signals in horizontal as well as vertical planes. If you place your Netgear router on a floor, then the WiFi coverage in the vertical plane will get restricted.

To avoid the restriction of WiFi signals, you need to raise your Netgear router high. So, consider placing it on a shelf.

Do Not Hide the Router

When it comes to the Netgear router placement, a lot of users decide not to ruin the aesthetics of their home and end up placing their WiFi devices inside a cabinet or under a table. Are you one of them? Well, doing this might make your Netgear router inconspicuous but will hamper the overall WiFi performance.

As we have mentioned earlier, the router transmits WiFi signals in all directions, you won’t want its signals to get eaten up by your almirah or another physical impedance. Would you?

The Router-Modem Distance Matters

The modem acts as a source of internet for your Netgear router. So, there needs to be a continuous communication between both WiFi devices. And, this communication completely depends on the distance between them. Keep in mind that your Netgear router needs to be present within the boundary line of the WiFi signals of the modem.

But, it doesn’t mean that you’ll stick them together. Doing so might prevent you from accessing the IP address due to a clash of their WiFi signals. So, maintaining a safe distance between both devices has the utmost importance with respect to the Netgear router placement parameters.

Avoid Radio-Waves Emitting Devices

No one is untouched by technology today. So, it is quite common to see devices and appliances like baby monitors, smart cameras, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, smart televisions, smart LED’s, refrigerators, etc. FYI, these appliances and devices operate using radio-wave frequencies that can easily mess up your Netgear router’s performance.

So, if you have placed your WiFi devices near any of these gadgets, it means you weren’t careful during the Netgear router placement. But, you can still rectify the mistake by relocating the router.

Metal is a Foe of Router’s Signals

Yes, you read that right. Metal objects act as reflexive surfaces. It means they can bounce back your Netgear router’s signals and create a nuisance. Keep in mind that conductive materials are major culprits. So, keep your Netgear router away from gold, copper, aluminum, and silver objects.

Also, do not place your Netgear router near mirrors as they have metal plating and are equally effective as metals.


This was all about the Netgear router placement. Here’s to hope that you will be able to pick an ideal location for your WiFi router. However, if you are experiencing issues with your router even after selecting the best location, let our experts know your problem. They’ll help you out no matter at what time you ping them.

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