What is Firmware? How Can I Update Netgear Router With It?

What is Firmware? How Can I Update Netgear Router With It?

If you are curious to know what is firmware and how can you update the Netgear router with it, this piece of writing can do the work for you.

What is Firmware?

Firmware is a process that is embedded into a hardware device to make it work at ease. It includes various commands that help in controlling how a device behaves. When any new firmware is released for a device, you need to get it updated for the smooth working of your device. These updates are really important if you want to have an enhanced user experience and keep your device’s performance at its best. Updating a firmware not only brings fixes for bugs but also adds new features to your device.

In most routers, by enabling the automatic firmware update feature, you can get it updated. But, just in case, you can’t update your WiFi router with the latest firmware, walk through the steps below to make things happen.

Here, we’re defining steps for Netgear router firmware update, however, you can use the points for any router you have.



Before you start the process of updating your router, keep a few points in mind:

  • Make sure you have connected your Netgear router directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable. We recommend doing a wired connection because it prevents any signal interference or loss during the router firmware update process via Netgear router login IP.
  • Check if your router and modem are receiving a fluctuation-free and sufficient power supply.
  • Firmware update will not take your router back to factory settings, so no need to have the back up of your device.

Steps to Update Netgear Router Firmware

Let’s now make your familiar with the process of updating firmware on the Netgear router. Here we go:

firmware on a Netgear router can be updated using two methods: By accessing the web GUI and via Netgear Nighthawk App.

Update Netgear Router Firmware Using Web GUI

  • Before getting started with the Netgear WiFi router firmware update via GUI, you must download the latest firmware for the router model you have from the official website and save it on your desktop.
  • Unzip the downloaded file when you need to upload it on your Netgear router.
  • Make sure that your modem is connected to your router through an Ethernet cable.
  • Open a web browser on your computer to update the Netgear router with the latest firmware.
  • Enter routerlogin-net in the address bar and default login details on the router login page to access the web interface of your device and get started with the firmware update process.
  • On the Netgear router dashboard, navigate to settings and select the Administration option.
  • Find and click the Firmware Update button.
  • Choose the Browse option to select the already downloaded firmware file.
  • You can select the saved downloaded zip file and then choose it to Upload.

Quick Tip: It is strongly recommended to not interrupt the firmware update process. Else, it will make your WiFi router inoperable.

As soon as the firmware version has been uploaded, your WiFi router will boot. This is how you can update Netgear router firmware using the manual method through web GUI.

Update Netgear Router Firmware Using Nighthawk App

To update the firmware of your Netgear router using the Nighthawk app, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that your mobile device is connected to a high-speed WiFi network.
  • Download and install the Nighthawk app on your mobile device by navigating the app store of your device.
  • Launch the app and when asked, fill in your Netgear router login details in the user name and password fields.
  • Hit the Login button to reach the web interface of your WiFi router.
  • Locate the icon of your Netgear WiFi router and tap on it.
  • Go to the Settings page of your router and tap on Check for Updates. Thenceforth, the app will be looking for a new firmware version and if available you can get it by tapping on the Update option.

This is how you can update Netgear router firmware to the latest version and make your WiFi device working without any hassle. If while doing the firmware update, you get stuck at any step, contacting our experts will help you get an immediate fix to your problem.

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