Why Netgear Extender Not Connecting to Telstra Modem WiFi?

Why Netgear Extender Not Connecting to Telstra Modem WiFi?

Netgear WiFi extender can connect to any router as well as smart modems like Telstra modem. You can easily connect the Netgear WiFi range extender to the Telstra modem without using any cable.

But, here we will discuss about a technical issue that is extender is not connecting to the modem. We will share reasons why Netgear extender not connecting to Telstra modem WiFi. Then, you will learn solutions and tips to solve it.

Why Extender Not Linking to Smart Modem?

Here, we will explain reasons why your Netgear booster device is not linking with the modem. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. WiFi Signal Interruptions

The major reason of this connection failure can be signal interruptions. This blockage is mainly caused by electronic devices.

2. Plugging Extender Far From Modem

The Netgear WiFi extender connects with the smart modem using the WPS option, but if you have plug it out of the modem reach, then you will surely face disconnection problems.

3. Incomplete Extender Configuration

If you haven’t completely configured the Netgear range extender, then it is possible you will face similar connection error issue.

Now, have a look how to solve the extender not connecting to Telstra modem WiFi with the help of simple to perform solutions and tips.

How to Fix Extender to Telstra Modem Link?

We will describe five tips and solutions one by one, so that you can fix the connection error between modem and extender.

1. Dispel All Interruptions

Electronic devices are the biggest reason of the signal interruptions. So, you have to make sure that there are no electronic devices near to the modem or extender. If there are, then shift the networking devices to a secure and optimal location.

2. Plug in Extender Close to Modem

You can easily connect the extender with the modem using the WPS button. But it should be plugged close to the modem. If not, then plug it in wall socket which is close to the smart modem.

3. Complete Configuration First

The Netgear WiFi extender and Telstra modem configuration must be completed first. You can easily configure the Netgear device by accessing the Netgear extender login interface and manage modem settings using Telstra interface.

4. Reboot Netgear Extender and Modem

If all the tips fail to solve the mentioned connection error issue, then you can try rebooting the extender and Telstra device.

  • To restart the extender, you just have to the plug it out from the wall socket and plug it in again.
  • To reboot the modem, you have to the press the power button twice. First time hit will turn the modem off and second time press will reboot it.

5. Reset If no Solution is Working

In worst situations, like no tip or rebooting is working, you need to perform reset process on each networking device. To reset both of the devices, you need to long press the extender and modem reset pinhole button with the help of a pin or pen.


After dispelling the problem, you have to make sure that you extender is running on latest Netgear firmware update version.


Here, you have seen the reasons why your Netgear extender not connecting to Telstra modem WiFi. We have also provided information about how to solve it with the help of the troubleshooting tips and solutions.

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