WiFi Connection Drops Frequently? Here are Quick Fixes!

WiFi Connection Drops Frequently? Here are Quick Fixes!

Talking about regular internet users, nothing is worse than witnessing the WiFi connection drops particularly when they are performing an important task. Internet has become more essential in our lives than ever whether we are accessing a simple website or watching movies online. That’s why it is almost impossible to go through an entire day with no internet. Furthermore, businesses have gone online in recent times and a vast majority of businesses is turning online with every passing day. If there is no internet, things can’t move at a rapid pace in this era.

WiFi connection drops frequently – it is a common issue and of course, an annoying one. Here, we will ring up the curtains from the causes of a dropped internet connection together with their solutions. Keep reading.

Fixed: WiFi Connection Drops Frequently

  • 1: Overburdened Router

    The most obvious reason why multiple people face a WiFi blackout is the over-usage of the network. And owing to heavy network usage, a router gets overburdened. Let us tell you how a wireless network can experience over-utilization – when you download lots of files, play heavy games, and transfer files via WiFi – all at the same time.

    Though the router may be working fine, it doesn’t match your current requirements. Therefore, it is utterly important to avert restricting your internet use just because your router is not capable enough. Instead, you should opt for a router which is suitable for connecting all your devices and offer the best possible bandwidth. You can set up your Netgear router using the default IP address.

  • 2:A Lot of WiFi Interference is Going On

    If you think that your router is the only device which produces signals, then think again. There are various other household objects like microwaves, cordless phones, and Bluetooth phones that are well known to transmit a wireless signal. This is the most probable reason why you can’t access Netgear genie smart setup wizard for your router. One way to get rid of the WiFi connection drops issue is by moving the router far away from interference-creating devices. However, it is quite difficult to put the router at a place where no other signal emitting gadget is present.

    Hence, you have to find another way, i.e. customize your WiFi radio settings. You can switch to a dual-band router which facilitates you to connect your WiFi-compatible devices to the standard 2.4 GHz frequency band or 5 GHz whichever is less crowded. All you have to do is establish a WiFi connection in a proper way. If you don’t know anything about how to set up a WiFi connection, you are free to take help from our experienced technicians at any time.

  • 3:The WiFi Signal is Weak or doesn’t Go Beyond a Certain Distance

    When the device is placed close to the edge of router’s signal coverage, WiFi connection drops easily. The more you move that device away from the network’s range, the more unstable signals you receive. It is utterly important to keep your device near the router but does this always work?

    We guess not. Therefore, get a Netgear WiFi range extender to enhance the signal range and coverage or opt for a more powerful router. A router or access point itself is unable to fix the issue because there will always be a limited range but installing a wireless range extender will remove the issue permanently. Connect to the Netgear_ext network and set up your range extender with ease.

    On that note, our list of quick fixes completes here. It is time for some practical. You must go through the above-mentioned points and rectify the WiFi connection drops issue.

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